What is Artificial Intelligence

A few years ago, talking about artificial intelligence was like referring to science fiction. A reality distant enough not to measure its enormous potential and the speed with which it is sweeping, both in multinational companies and in small entrepreneurial businesses. All of them, benefiting from this powerful tool as if there were no tomorrow.

To understand this new weapon, which man himself has created under the wing of technology, it is important to understand it as a concept that brings together an important series of technologies that serve to simulate human cognition.

In other words, and for now, we understand it as the potential of a system to be able to assertively analyze and interpret external data that are presented to it, to learn from them, use them optimally, and achieve specific tasks and goals through a flexible adaptation.

Basically, it refers to machines that learn autonomously or semi-autonomously from large databases. All this, developed based on algorithms.

These, which are nothing more than the mathematical abilities to learn, and all that information that nourishes them to train them. Algorithms learn from this data and absorb it with efficiency, and potential performance.

This entire field of artificial intelligence has a hundred possible applications, from, for example, its use in language recognition, to its maximum level of potential, which is applied to improve business processes and automate them, the most suitable way.

This new concept, in times of pandemic and digital processes, has gained the relevance that it always deserved, and although it entails a diversity of challenges, it now lives in a world in which it is just waking up, and that yearns for it, still with certain suspicion and expectation.

This new actor needs a clear and accurate delimitation, together with a conscious adaptation to the reality we live in today, so that all this great wave of autonomous technologies and procedures are approached in such a way that its scope and great potential can be seen with the height of sight that it deserves.

The challenge is to train ourselves as human beings to live with this new actor in a harmonious way, understanding that each one is conjugated with the other. There are many concerns regarding the replacement of this type of technology, to the detriment of human capital, however, the key is in the approach to its use and how it is addressed.

So, today we only see that future and that digital age that we contemplated with so much distance, closer than ever. All the circumstances that we live today have brought us closer by leaps and bounds to make us witnesses of this true revolution in the use of data and its powerful and real scope to maximize returns, time and space, in dimensions never thought of.


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