IDEATI started in 2020 with the initial scope of bringing a real and effective way for small enterprises to improve its digital presence, to gain access to machine learning abilities and garnering revenue from data analysis, data that is being generated on processes, interactions and in general, in the whole business cycle.

IDEATI: A new idea of information technology leverage 

Software company founded and located in Medellín, Colombia.

We implement custom deep learning solutions to be used across commerce and industrial processes.

We strongly believe in collective growth, in the power of sharing and collaborating towards a common goal. We want to bring new development techniques to as many companies as possible, specially smaller ones that are being excluded from the artificial intelligence revolution by the traditional channels. We focus on creating solutions that grow with the companies without needing a big upfront payment. 

By means of developing applications using different languages we manage to establish integrations with the most used platforms currently in use, permitting an easy deployment, a fast investment return  and allowing to expand the market penetration, optimize workflows, improve marketing impact, production throughput and quality assurance.


Two brothers that, coming from different backgrounds and having traveled different career paths, joined efforts with more professionals that shared the same social goals and enthusiasm for technology.

Jorge Mario Peláez Velásquez


Mechanical Engineer specialized in Stress Analysis and Plant Design. Worked at Technip Italy for 8 years, participating in the design of several petrochemical plants. Then, after returning to his birthplace, Medellín, headed the Utilities Plant at Enka de Colombia for 15 years. He was in charge of production, maintenance and projects.

deep learning
TensorFlow, Torch 83%
Go, C/C++, Assembly 80%
Flutter, HTML, Javascript 74%
PostgreSQL, Redis, CouchDB 79%

He is trained in project management and knows well the needs of the industrial sector. He is well experienced in operating mission critical, 24/7 processes.
He is passionated about algorithms. He is still an assembly programmer at heart since peeking and poking as a child in a Commodore 64. Only those old enough will understand that last sentence.

Carlos Andrés Peláez Velásquez


Journalist, Master in Digital Visual Production. Professional photographer and narrator, with experience in TV production.

He worked at Protecmedia Software & Services for more than 10 years in commercial product management, support, training, technical setup, project management and after sales services.

photo & video
graphic design

He is passionated about digital marketing and the potential that artificial intelligence has to disrupt and improve customer service related activities.

Simón Villa Arango

Research & Development

Biomedical Engineer from EIA University and CES University, with a doctorate in engineering from City, University of London, UK.

He structured the area of technological innovation at the EIA University and implemented the first university incubator with an emphasis on patents and technologies. Experience in innovation management, development of new technologies, entrepreneurship and networking.

gestión de la innovación
desarrollo de productos
gestión de proyectos

Passionate about innovation and knows well the needs and details of university company state society collaboration.

Carolina Jadue Zaror

community manager

Journalist, graduated from the Universidad del Desarrollo, in Santiago de Chile. Bilingual certification, from the International Bacccalaureate (IB) of Latin America.

After writing work, he worked in the Municipality of Lo Barnechea de Santiago, in the communications area of the Mayor’s Office, in charge of the institutional magazine and network management.

social media
public relations

Passionate about good command of language and written writing.

The structure of informative reports and content for social networks.