Only 1,8% of colombian companies use Artificial Intelligence

• Although in developed countries the percentage of immersion in new technologies is higher and has more impact, in emerging countries the field of growth and the possibilities of progressing towards them, surprises by enhancing human work. There are two main reasons that explain the sustained increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in […]

Artificial Intelligence as a limiter of the gender gap

• It is no surprise to anyone; the inequality of job opportunities and salary horizons is a reality that threatens the female union, without giving room for greater opportunities for improvement. Today new technologies offer us new hope. As we are immersed in a profound digital transformation, it is clear to see that Artificial Intelligence […]

Ethics and artificial intelligence.

• We cannot conceive talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), without a clear legal and ethical framework that regulates it, based on principles for the responsible and reliable management of AI, in order to build solid foundations for digital and IT growth. In a scenario that is increasingly sensitized to the impact of Artificial Intelligence and […]

What is Artificial Intelligence

A few years ago, talking about artificial intelligence was like referring to science fiction. A reality distant enough not to measure its enormous potential and the speed with which it is sweeping, both in multinational companies and in small entrepreneurial businesses. All of them, benefiting from this powerful tool as if there were no tomorrow. […]

Which development language should I learn?

We are not going to start yet another flame war about which language is better, faster, or more successful. This usually only leads to sterile discussions among fanatics. However, those who are feeling attracted to the development world, may find interesting a bit of information from those who have been in this profession for some […]